Grooming Report

Tucker Snocat on Bourne Rd.
Tucker Snocat on Bourne Rd.

Welcome to the 2014/2015 Season 

Sumpter Valley Blue Mountain Snowmobile Club

Grooming Report

Dec 30th ~

A recent monster snow system has moved through the area and dumped over a foot of snow  – and it’s all powder!

The new snow has allowed the Snocat to leave the shed early in the season – considering it didn’t make it out on the trails last season until nearly the end of January!

The orange monster has groomed approx. 200 miles of trails in the Sumpter snowmobile trail system as of today.

The grooming crew has been working hard to groom the trails and clear an unusual amount of downed trees that the last series of storms of wet, heavy snow have left on a lot of well used trails.

The Grooming crew asks that riders be extra careful and report any downed trees that they may come across.

If riders plan to leave the marked trails – it may be advisable to carry a small chain saw! :)

Groomed trails are going to be frozen well since we are now in a deep freeze - the below zero kind! 

The Sumpter Snowmobile Trail System is now accessible from all lodging areas in Sumpter.

Local streets are plowed and well covered.

Sumpter Oregon Weather Forecast
Dec 28th, 2014

According to the Bourne Snotel Report – As of Dec 30th -

the Bourne area (5800 ft) has about 31 inches of snow.

See snow conditions at Snotel Snow Report at Bourne

Sumpter Weather Forecast

OSSA Snowpack Report

See the Sumpter Trail Cam at:

If you need more information please call the Snowmobile Club Grooming Chairman, Jim Sheller: 541-894- 2498

Remember ~ the best trail reports come from riders just like you!

If you encounter a trail obstruction or other safety hazards – or you just want to tell the world how much fun you had on the trails –

send us an email:

See a map of the Sumpter trail system at the OSSA Website.

Sumpter Valley Blue Mountain Snowmobile Club in Sumpter Oregon

See photos of the Poker Run and Outhouse Races from last season here.

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